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               David Hooker MC 



Lynn Phillip Hodgson, Camp X Author, Will be a Special Guest beginning the Stellar Literary Festival Celebrations!

Special Guest

Lynn Philip Hodgson

has arranged his schedule
to be available 11 a.m. till 11:45 a.m.

Thank YOU Lynn!

11 a.m. Opening of the Festival begins...

 Lynn Phillip Hodgson, Councillor Scugog Ward 2; MPP Jerry Ouellette; John Henry, Local & Regional Councillor 
will open the Stellar Literary Festival with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

11: 15 - 11:45    Special Guest Speaker, Lynn Philip Hodgson, Author of the Camp X books series.
                                    His  books, autograph & photo op. available.  Lynn has to leave for his other commitments
                                    to Doors Open and lead the tour for Camp X at Intrepid Park, Whitby.

                     Marlene Hodgson, his wife  has graciously offered to remain and make Lynn's books available
                                    and will be happy to answer questions about publishing as she is the President of Blake Books
                                     & Distributor.                                __________________________________________________________________________________

11:45 a.m. - 11:55   Brian Peters, Author / Speaker                              

12:00 (Noon)  French Poet
            Samuel Montas,  representing the French community.  Will read a few selections from his poetry
           book in French & English

12:10 Poetry Contest Winners  - will be presented their Certificates & Awards

12:30  Featured Speaker
            Sharon Lawrence, wife of the late R. D. Lawrence Place & Literary Display & Works (Haliburton ON)
              will speak about their wolf sanctuary and other works still going on with wildlife.

12:45 Poet / Singer / Songwriter
             Honey Novick,  Award winning performer, has sung for Pierre Elliot Trudeau & Mayor Miller

1:00   Guest
          Tim Simms, from Worlds Collide will be speaking about the world of comics and how it is a
            stepping stone to literacy.

1:15   Featured Author
         Allan Briesmaster  Readings from his new Interstellar book and other authored books.

1:30   Featured Speaker
          Richard M. Grove, Publisher Hidden Brook Press

1: 45    Featured Poet
           John B. Lee,  Poet Laureate of Brantford,  Reading selections from his poetry books
2:00     Featured, Speaker
            Dorothea Helms,  aka The Writing Fairy, "The Four-Letter Word for Success"

2:30   Featured Author
         John B. Lee,  Poet Laureate of Brantford  Reading selections from his books.

2: 45  Featured Poet
         Allan Briesmaster  Readings from his new Interstellar and poetry books

3: 00  Special Performance: ‘Summer Seas & Memories’
           Heather Whaley, Story Teller / Singer / Songwriter & Musician, teams with
            harpist and musician Kim Michele for this special performance

3:45  Canada Cuba Literary Alliance
          Richard Grove, President,
           Will read a special written statement from the Vice President in Cuba, Manuel de Jesus Velazquez Leon   
           followed by member readings (Canadian members Donna Langevin, Alan John Cooper, George Arnold,
           John B. Lee, Stella Ducker, Graham Ducker, Kim Grove) 

 5: 25   Emerging Playwright / Director
          Michael Khashmanian:  will be speaking and demonstrating a play ‘in the making’

6:00   Ontario Poetry Society – Oshawa Branch
          Graham Ducker will lead members readings.

6:30    Prize draws  - thank you!

Festival ends at 7 pm.  

Haliburton Highlands Writers’ & Editors’ Network
                       will have a table with their books / membership forms

Exhibitors & Displays
                       There will be displays and exhibitors with their books

Books signings, photo and interviews opportunities with speakers, performers, readers



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