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Photos by SnapOshawa

Youth Poetry Contest Winner, Stellar Literary Festival 2008

Mike Kashmanian, Playwright & Actors gave a Play Demo at the Stellar Literary Festival 2008
Mike Kashmanian - Playwright  & actors - Did a Play Demo

Paul Livingston, Stella's loves his clever use of poetry with hs artwork!

Festival Co-Founders: John Duarte, Winnie Chapman & Graham Ducker

Al Nichols, MC and Lynn Phillip Hodgeson of Camp X Books, Festival special guest

Stella visitng one of her sponsors of the Festival

(L-R) Geroge Arnold, National Chair of Canadian Federation of Poets,John B. Lee, Poet Laureate,  & R.D.Roy Featued Poet



The 'Team'
L-R  Stella, Al, MC,  Winnie, John & photo (R), Graham
Photos by Graham & Stella Ducker

The "Tead" Welcoming and introducing the Mayor & Councillors

Mayor John Gray

John Henry, Local & Regional Councillor

Maryanne Sholdra, Councillor

Special Guest Author Lynn Philip Hodgson
Beginning the festival

Poetry Contest Winner being
presented their prizes & certificates.

First Place - Joan Sutcliffe, Toronto (Center)
More info re: Poetry Contest Winners HERE


3rd Place Poetry Contest Winner
Carole Helen Clark (center)  - Oshawa

Featured Singing Poet
Honey Novick
(was one of the 10 Honorable Mentions)

Cover of Andrew James  lst CD

Featured Songwriter, Andrew James with
MC Al Nichols

                                   Canadian Federation   

 of Poets Readings                    

George Arnold,
CFP National Co-coordinator


  Tony Valuch- Poet

James R. Quinn

Featured Poet
R. D. Roy

Featured Speaker, Poet Laureate John B. Lee

Heather Whaley - Story Teller / Musician

Kim Michele - Story Teller Harpist / Musician

      Canadian Authors Association

Lakoseljac, President

- Toronto Branch   

 Flavia Cosma, Member

Liisa Hypponen, Member


   Stellar Literary Festival -  First Book

  Launch "The Wisdom of old Souls"

Karen Cole

Ann Peacock

Richard (Tai) Grove, President

Kim Grove, Poet

Debora Panko


Featured Speaker / Author
Rozena Maart - spoke about her work in Africa

Domenico Capilongo, Poet
Reading from his book
"I thought Elvis was Italian"

The attendees were treated to a
play demonstration

by Michael Khashmanian

 A few photos captured some of
the program's event of the day.

You're Invited
to the
3rd Stellar Literary Festival in 2009!



Sept 23 2008
First Take Live - with Garth Riley
Channel 12 CHEX - Durham

Opening  & Welcome Remarks

Phone interview with WCDR's Barb Hunt
Phone interview with WCDR's Ruth Walker

Stella & Graham Ducker having a great time!

Hola Cuba was titled & Edited by Stella
for the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance
Anthology book of poetry written in or about Cuba
Stella & Graham are both Ambassador of the alliance.

This book will be a fund raiser book for the horrendous
damaged cuban friends  suffered from the hurricane this month

Stellar Literary Festival premier's a Book Launch
'Wisdom of Old Souls' An Anthology at the Festival

Phone interview with Richard Grove, President of
Hidden Brook Press & Canada Cuba Literary Alliance

Phone Interview with the 'Writing Fairy' & WCDR member
Dorothea Helm
Thanks to

Barb Hunt, Ruth Walker, Dorothea Helms


Richard Grove

For taking the time to do the phone interview!


Discover Durham with Rita Nave 2008

Sept 19 2008
First Local Midday - Rogers TV

Al Nichols, MC  for the Stellar Literary Festival,
Stella Ducker, Festival Producer & Host Kasia
Book titled by Editor, Stella Ducker
published by Hidden Brook Press by Richard Grove, Publisher
and President of Canada Cuba Literary Alliance
Stella is an Ambassador of the C.C.L.A.




Promo on Rogers TV
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~ 2008 ~


Durham Region NEW  Sept 11 2008




This Week - August 17  2007
Click to enlarge

This Week - Sept 21  2007
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September 22 / 07  Stellar Literary Festival - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

L-R  John Henry, Local & Regional Councillor;  Maryanne Sholdra, Councillor;  Stella Ducker, Festival Producer;    Mayor John Grey;  Lynn Hodgson, Scugog Councillor, Ward 3; Chester Stocki, Vice Pres FAMEd (Film Arts Media Entertainment Durham)


Rogers TV - Eye On Durham Sept 22 2007
was on location at the festival

Rogers TV - Daytime Show  2007


CHEX TV Channel 12 Durham Region
July 17 2007

First Take Live - With Garth Riley
CHEX TV Channel 12 Durham

Phone  Interview
with Canadian Best Book Seller
Lynn will be at the Festival   11a.m. - Noon ONLY
Don't Miss Him!
Phone Interview
Poet Laureate of Brantford
Canadian Author & Poet -
will be Featured Poet at the Festival


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