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                  To promote the pleasure and discovery of reading by bringing together local, national and international authors with public audiences of all ages, creating an annual celebration of words.

                 First and foremost, the Stellar Literary Festival is not book fair in which the primary objective is to sell books.

                The Stellar Literary Festival is a celebration of the “word”, whether in printed, audio and visual media, presented for everyone in the community in an informal atmosphere designed to encourage discussion and conversation among all of those in attendance. Although we do not see ourselves as an academic festival, the Stellar Literary Festival seeks to advance authors of literary quality.

               As a premiere event in Durham Region, the success of the festival relies on writers, readers and volunteers who believe literacy is important and must be continually promoted for the public good and enjoyment and learning.


Our Mandate

The Stellar Literary Festival celebrates established and emerging Durham Region / GTA  writers, poets, readers, story tellers, illustrators,  filmmakers & songwriters.

The festival aims to engage the community in Durham Region's rich and diverse literary culture, bringing attention to local poets, writers, songwriters and story tellers. The goal is to make Durham Region  destination for literacy-loving audiences that are not just 'book-worms'  ;-)

We make it our mandate to feature the voices of our community.  The Durham Region has a diverse collection of creative artists, unlike many other regions in Canada. The Stellar Literary Festival is dedicated to those talents.

Our Objectives

  • To celebrate excellence in the literary arts within the Durham Region / GTA.
  • To reach a wider range of audience than  single reading events in the any location in Durham Region by at once appealing to all ages and demographics and engaging them in a celebration and inviting all citizens of Durham Region/ GTA to celebrate the gift of our literary talents in the area.
  • To promote new and emerging authors, poets, songwriters, story tellers,  filmmakers  etc. within Durham Region / GTA by hosting an event where they share the stage with their fellow counterpart and raising their profiles within
    the community.
  • To bring cultural traffic to Durham Region.
  • We aim to raise the level of awareness of our literary aspect not only in Durham Region, but within the GTA
  • To promote new and undiscovered literary talent in Durham Region.
  • To advance literacy by introducing young readers to the wonder of books, poetry, filmmaking, story telling and songwriting.


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